Bug Screens
For areas of the country that have very small insects, the 20 x 20 weave will do the job. Also
known as No-See-Ums.

Excellent protection from small insects
* Provides daytime privacy
Offers good outward visibility
* Good ventilation
20 x 20 mesh
Pet Resistant Screen
Pet ScreenPet Screen brand screen fabric is the perfect pet resistant
screen for window, door and patio applications. Pet resistant screen is
seven times stronger than regular insect screen, and constructed of
strong vinyl coated polyester.

Pet resistant screen will resist damage from clawing
and scratching from dogs and cats, while providing
excellent outward visibility. Pet screen is available in
Black or Gray color only.
Up to
48" Wide by 2' Tall
Over 2' Tall to 3' Tall
Over 3' Tall to 4' Tall
Over 4' Tall to 5' Tall
Over 5' Tall to 6' Tall
(patio doors)
Aluminum Screen Fabrics

For those who like the durability and rigidity of aluminum
screening we still provide aluminum screen fabrics.
Sun Screens
Suntex sun screens can absorb and dissipate between 80%-90% of the sun's heat and glare before
it can reach your window or door glass. Sun control sun screens will keep your home cooler and
help reduce energy costs, while protecting your furnishings against fading.

Phifer Suntex sun screens provide:

Insect protection
* Pet Resistance
Allows good outward visibility in daytime
* Suntex is available in weave densities of 80% and 90%
Available in colors: Black, Grey, Brown and Stucco (an alternate weaving of beige and tan)
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Mobile Screen Repair & Replacement Services
Custom window and door screen repairs and more.
On Site Repairs or Pick Up and Drop Off Service to your home. No need
to drive to hardware stores to check pricing, drop off screens and go back
weeks later to pick them up
We Come To Your Place.
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The chart here shows a window
with Brown SunTex installed. In
midsummer as much as 230 BTUs
can fall on each unprotected
square foot of glass.

With SunTex installed, up to 80%
of the sun's heat and glare is
reflected, absorbed and
dissipated before it strikes the
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    Product Pricing
    Based on On-Site Repairs at your home or business (minimum orders apply)
Standard Fiberglass Screen Fabric

Standard fiberglass insect screen used on most windows and doors.
Available in charcoal color. Easy to install in window screens.
Mesh is 18x16, .011 diameter.
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$ 17.25
$ 14.50
$ 16.25
$ 13.75
$ 12.75
$ 24.00
$ 19.50
$ 22.22
$ 18.75
$ 17.25
$ 29.00
$ 23.00
$ 26.60
$ 22.00
$ 19.50
$ 36.75
$ 28.25
$ 33.75
$ 27.50
$ 24.50
$ 46.25
$ 35.50
$ 39.90
$ 34.00
$ 29.00
Sun Screen
Bug Screens
Pet Resistant
Screen Fabric
Screen Fabric
Fiberglass Screen
Up to 40"
Prices Based On 4 Or More Screens Repaired At Same Time
    Service Charges
    $9.95- 19.95 Based on your
    location distance from our Seville

    Service Charges Waived
    with purchase of $ 125 or more.
Minimum Orders
    Add 15% to above prices if less then 4
    screens are repaired per visit to your

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services or ask us a question. Just provide us
some information and click.
    Service Charges & Minimum Orders
    EZ- Request Form (no need to fill out an email just contact us from here.)
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Screen Rooms & Porches

Custom designed screen rooms provide comfortable outdoor living when insect activity may
be at its highest. Don't spend a fortune on a deck or patio until you have considered an
outdoor area to protect you from bugs.

Pricing based on building design and costs.
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Open Porch BEFORE
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Screen Porch AFTER
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