Basement step rebuild with additional lighting and storage shelves.
Interior painting project with multiple colors
Drywall repair for customer who located me on Craigslist.
Drywall repair for customer who located me on Craigslist. Ceiling
was  repaired and  ready for homeowner to prime and paint.
Roof repair for a local customer who had his original roof installed by
an unskilled roofer,
now when winds get bad I routinely have repairs to make.
Customers project was to remove there current cast iron bathtub and shower.
Installed new plumbing fixtures and supply lines, installed walkin shower
along with handrails and shower door. Also installed (2) shower lights to
aid in the bathing process. Completed with matching paint where needed.
Customers project was to construct a shed attached to the back of there garage. The
homeowner had the concrete slab poured by local contractor when side walk was
installed. House and garage has aluminum siding and the new shed addition was
completed with vinyl siding to keep within the customers budget.
Customers project was to make some needed repairs to the front of there house
entry way along with painting for a new updated look.
Customers project was to create a storage room located in the basement. This included wall framing, drywall, drop ceiling and
carpet squares. The shelving is an economical yet clean set of custom units made of 2x4 and particle board. The supports are
designed to be taken apart if necessary. Painting of the supports increase the labor and materials cost but made for a product that
is easier to clean and helps prevent mold growth in the basement.