What can we expect from a basement remodel?
How do you work around the obstructions, venting and support poles?
My basement only has a few windows how can we brighten it up?
Can we put a bathroom or kitchen area in our basement ?
Can we help with parts of the project to keep our costs down ?
What should we do first when planning our basement finishing project.
We are concerned about moisture and mold becoming a problem in our basement..
Any basement space that has enough headroom and is free of major defects, serious moisture problems, or structural
concerns can usually be finished to be used as additional living space. The extent of your basement finishing project
should always take into consideration the quality of the finished project, the total cost and weather you will be able to
recoup those cost should you sell your home in the future. Finished basements can be simple modifications to the
existing structure that make it suitable for purposes other then for storage and a place to locate your furnace and hot
water heater. They can also be elaborate renovations that literally create an entire living area under your first floor.
Can we make a sewing room and a workshop in the basement?
You can create just about any sort of space in your finished basement. Common uses are craft rooms, game rooms,
entertainment areas, home offices and rooms for home schooling. Your imagination is usually the only thing that limits
you when designing your basement. Please keep in mind that if it is used for living space the will include bedrooms,
sleeping areas or for persons with disabilities you must have sufficient egress or methods to escape from the basement
area should any problems every arise. These requirements are clearly stated with most local building codes and local
Develop detailed work plans and drawings.

This is the most important step and is surprisingly overlooked or skipped with some contractors. Most contractors are not
set up to provide plans for there customers without hiring a separate draftsman or outside company to develop there
plans for them. We begin all projects with actual plans of what we can do in your basement to make it the living space
you desire. Our plans provide the necessary details and views to help create the ideal remodel and to achieve the best
final results. This service is free of charge with your purchase of a basement finishing project from us.
Most basements are not built with a lot of pre planning involved in the layout of post, ductwork, location of furnace and
other plumbing equipment. Just about any basement can be taken from it raw unplanned and unfinished state and be
created into an attractive living space. With years of experience DESIGNING and PERFORMING basement finishing
projects I usually visualize most basements different then the homeowner does at first. My experience makes me start
thinking right away of how I can make an attractive basement with the obstructions that are present. Very seldom do we
have to spend costly amounts of money moving any obstructions and with a flexible design plan just about any problem
area can be turned into an attractive feature.

This is a very important part of a basement remodel that you must consider when hiring a contractor. And with an
experienced designer and builder all should run smoothly.
All basement remodeling projects need to begin by addressing any possibility of water entering the finished area or the
development of mold. A lot of products have recently been developed to prevent mold in basement finishing projects, but
some other basics are of even more importance.

  • Incoming moisture most be stopped.
  • Humidity levels in basements must be controlled.
  • Dehumidifiers usually cause more problems and increase energy cost without helping the problems.
  • Mold needs food, even with steel studs and special drywall there is still going to be food sources available.
  • If you have a sump pump that runs often you need to have a backup system in case power goes out.
  • Proper design and construction methods are available just for finished spaces below grade such as your basement.
An experienced designer and builder can address these problems if they are up to date on issues such as building
sciences, improved construction methods, and the current research and development that is going on with this subject.
Most basements can have bathrooms or kitchen areas installed. Houses that are on city utilities which are located under
your basement floor are usually easier to adapt for bathrooms and kitchen areas. Most homes that are connected to a
septic system usually must have the waste water pumped up to the location of the main pipe in the basement leading to
the septic system. Over the past couple years a few companies have created some unique and effective products to help
move waste water up and out of your basement project without the extremely high cost that were once associated with this
type of project.

We address these concerns when designing a basement and help advise homeowners on issues such as cost vs. value,
improvements which increase resale value, or items that may be costly but not return the investment cost when you sell
your house.

You have free access to any knowledge we have when we perform a basement project for you.
Homeowners often would like to help with a project to help keep cost down and this usually works out great. As a
contractor we develop a schedule for your project and with our current and upcoming customers. If together we can work
in parts of the project that you would like to handle your self then things run smoothly and you can save some additional
money. We will often try to set aside a weekend or a couple days for you to handle things such as painting, insulating or
having products delivered and ready to go for us when needed. When it comes to handling clean-up duties at the end of
the day we often will not allow homeowners to handle this aspect of the project only because if there other demands of
family, children, and there work schedules keep them from being able to perform these tasks daily, it effects or work
progress and safety on the next day.

We are always willing to help a customer save as much cost on there project as possible by working with them to develop
a suitable schedule so we can work together to get it done for less.
Most basements do not have many windows unless they were specifically planned for in the building of the house. With
the use of some of the newer light bulbs that are similar to natural light we can create some creative ways to give the
appearance of more natural light entering your basement area. You may also be surprised to know that a lot of basement
windows can easily be modified to allow for a much larger window which in turn will increase the light entering your
basement. Homes with block foundations are easy to modify or to create new openings in, poured foundations are a little
more difficult due to having to make changes in solid concrete.

As part of any in-home consultation we will review options such as these and provide feed back to help in your basement
design project.
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